YouthBuild provides young people with the opportunity to work on their Diploma while earning a stipend!

  • Education and Training
  • Hands on Construction (Skill building)
  • Community/Leadership Development
  • Tutoring is available to help students prepare for the exam and overcome any learning obstacles.
  • Students learn job skills by building affordable housing in the community and other vocational activities.
  • Upon completion of the program, Youth Build helps place students in jobs, apply to colleges, or both.


To utilize hands-on education, mentoring, health awareness and community service to maximize the potential of youth.


To empower youth to achieve and sustain academic and personal success, by developing positive life habits and breaking through limiting societal stigmas.

Foundation for Second Chances YouthBuild Project will serve low-income and at-risk youth ages 16-24, who are either high school dropouts or currently enrolled in an alternative school.

The main goals of this grant are to provide the participants the opportunity to complete a High School Diploma or GED and improve on their basic skills while also obtaining a national certification in the construction industry.”

YB participants will primarily reside in 2 target communities within Bakersfield, CA:

  1. 93304
  2. 93307

The program provides a community-based alternative education program that balances classroom education and occupational training (construction skills) in a fully integrated model for career placement directly into employment or continued post-secondary education. It will provide educational services for youth, occupational skills training in the area of construction using the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) and HBI PACT curriculum, community service learning and leadership development, career and college exploration, supportive services, case management and post program follow-up services. These services support youth in attaining a high school diploma or General Education Degree (GED) certificate and industry recognized and portable construction credential enabling them to enter employment, apprenticeship or post-secondary education advancing along a career pathway.

The duration of the YouthBuild Training Program is 12 months long. The program is represented by the following phases:

  • Phase I – The first 6 months will focus on the individual’s attainment of a High School Diploma or GED; while simultaneously providing classroom theory and hands-on training through the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) and HBI PACT core curriculum and Habitat for Humanity Bakersfield construction worksites.
  • Phase II – 6-9 months of the program provides for continual service learning and leadership development, cultural and diversity programming, community service, career counseling and placement, OJT/internship/apprenticeship or post-secondary education options.
  • Phase III – The last 9-12 months will focus on providing individual strategic preparation for the enhancement of stackable credentials, job club and networking, supportive services, graduation and participation in the alumni network.

Each YB participant will complete construction of at least 1 low-income housing unit, thus increasing the supply of affordable housing in the community through building or significantly renovating home for low-income or homeless individuals or families. All YB participants must take an active leadership role in at least one of the following ways: as a Youth Council Member, work site Crew Lead, lead a specific project, lead classroom instruction or lead a peer study group.

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