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The After School Program provides the youth of South Los Angeles with the opportunity to develop the necessary learning skills, appreciate the importance of education, and build character through relationships with caring volunteers, teachers and staff. The After-School Program provides a safe, fun, and uplifting experience for the youth of the South Los Angeles.

Through personalized attention and creative lesson-planning, inspired by input from the community, we seek to provide a full and rewarding experience for all participants.The Second Chances AfterSchool Program mission is to create and sustain “safe havens” at public schools and community centers where students and community members can access expanded learning opportunities as well as participate in integrated education, health, social service, and cultural programs during the afterschool hours.

There Are Three Components of the Second Chances AfterSchool Program:

Academic Support Program 

Students study subjects such as Reading, Writing, STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), Social Studies, etc. We provide a quiet space to do homework with other students and get help from trained tutors and volunteers. There are typically 10 to15 students in a room with one instructor and sometimes extra volunteers.

Recreational Program

Students participate in physical activities including Intramural Sports, Structured Physical Activity, Dance, Yoga, Fitness and Aerobics, etc.

Enrichment Program

Second Chances AfterSchool programs are a place to have fun, learn, create and meet new friends! Students participate in classes such as Life Skills, Arts and Crafts, Cooking, Music, Gardening, Community Service, Hip-Hop, Movie-Making, Board Games, Spanish, Photography, and more.


Second Chances Tutoring Program partners with local school districts and families to provide quality tutoring and project-based learning in English Language Arts and Mathematics to students in struggling schools. Our program works to get students back on track through focusing on academic improvement and building confidence.

FFSC’s tutoring program has a unique advantage in the educational field and provides effective and efficient tutors to aid students in their path to excellence. FFSC offers a powerful tutoring program comprised of highly educated instructors who cultivate academic minds through the power of one-on-one interaction with the students.

Second Chances Tutoring Program invests time and effort to ensure the best tutor-child match. We will personally meet with each parent and student to assess his/her academic requirements, personality, unique learning style, and specific concerns. We work with parents to set goals and determine the best approach to help your child improve grades, confidence, and reach his/her full potential.

To Apply for eligible School District schools:

Complete application that was mailed to parents.

If you have not received or lost the application and your child attends an eligible school and receives free/reduce lunch: Go to your child’s school and request an application. (You will need to know your child’s identification number which you can get from the school site).

Reading Wheels

Want to see a child’s face light up with joy? Just help him/her discover how much fun learning can be! Foundation for Second Chances is proud to present Reading Wheels!

Second Chances Reading Wheels program prepares and motivates children to read by delivering programming, free books, activities and literacy resources to the children and families that we serve and who need them most.

During Reading Wheels, students and volunteers take turns reading aloud and participating in themed activities. Studies show that when children are read to, and can read to adults, their literacy level increases over time. This is essential to a child’s continued success throughout middle school and beyond.

Reading Wheels is always looking for volunteers who have an interest in making sure our children have an opportunity to experience just how much fun reading learning can truly be! Reading Wheels is always looking for volunteers who have an interest in making sure our children have an opportunity to experience just how much fun reading and learning can truly be!

Reading Wheels Program Events

When: 2nd Saturday of every month
Time: 10:30am to 12:30pm
Where: Vermont Square Public Library — 1201 W. 48th St. · Los Angeles, CA 90037

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